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name: jemma simmons
powers: biological manipulation
residence: #018
job: assistant biochemistry teacher

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NAME: laura
AGE: 26
JOURNAL: [personal profile] easycompany

SERIES: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
CHRONOLOGY: end of s1
HOUSING: Somewhere close to Skye or with her!

BACKGROUND: Here is the wiki.
Jemma Simmons was recruited by Agent Phil Coulson (who was influenced by Agent Melinda May) to be part of the scientific operations (along with Fitz) for his new mobile team that he put together. Together, she and Fitz designed much of the special equipment that is on the Bus, including the non-lethal weapons called the Night-Night guns, as well as mini-flight drones they affectionately call The Dwarves(each named after one of the seven dwarves).

While they are not exactly field-trained, they still go out on missions from time to time. Unfortunately, it's not always safe, but Jemma seems to, at first, relish in the excitement. That is, until she is infected with a Chitauri virus from a helmet. Then things got sticky and very unfun. The virus proved to be deadly to any who are infected by it, unfortunately, it seemed as though she and Fitz failed to create an antidote. So in order to save her team from the effects, she throws herself off their ship (aka the Bus). However she had created a cure and Agent Grant Ward jumps off the plane to save her life, catching her before she can die and injecting her with the anti-serum.

As the series progresses, she grows closer with her other teammates, especially Skye. So when Skye tries to convince Jemma to help her hack SHIELD's computers in order to help Fitz and Ward when they are on a mission and in danger, Skye ultimately succeeds. This is when Jemma proves to be a HORRIBLE liar when confronted by Agent Sitwell and she eventually knocks him out with a Night-Night gun in order to help complete the hack, since she has access to the necessary wall-panel. Jemma helps out throughout the rest of the episodes, proving herself valuable to the team over and over again. She saves Skye's life after Skye is hot, she effectively goes undercover as Coulson's daughter (even if her cover story is over the top).

However she becomes a wee bit obsessed with figuring out what the mysterious drug (GH.325) they used to save Skye's life is and what the effects/benefits could be. Coulson repeatedly tells her that she cannot send the sample off for testing, much to her chagrin. Unfortunately, when she gets the chance to test it in a facility with the proper equipment, SHIELD crumbles and HYDRA takes right over. After passing a loyalty test, she remains loyal, herself, to Coulson and to SHIELD, as well as bringing on Agent Antione Triplett (an agent who helped to save Skye and has shown to have some chemistry with Jemma) to join the team.

That's when everything really starts to crumble. SHIELD agents are being arrested and taken down by the droves so she and the team escape the Hub to a secret base called Providence, provided by Director Fury. Unfortunately it's after that, that Ward is exposed as HYDRA (as well as Triplett's CO Garrett) and the rest of the team is forced to go into hiding. When the team tracks Garrett and Ward to Cuba, they go after them. Unfortunately, she and Fitz are captured and taken onto the Bus. And after a failed escape attempt, they are ejected into the ocean in a medical pod.

The pod sinks down to the bottom of the ocean and for a moment, things don't look so good. But together she and Fitz figure out a way to break out without being killed. Unfortunately there's only one air tank and only enough for one person. Fitz demands that Simmons go and he confesses to her that he loves her, in so many words, saying goodbye before he breaks them out before she can really stop him. Still, Jemma refuses to leave him behind and pulls him up to the surface with her. There they are saved by Nick Fury and she is eventually reunited with the team (which is now only May, Skye, Triplett, and Coulson) at another secret base, with Coulson now the director of SHIELD and Fitz's fate still in doubt (he's alive but possibly brain dead).


Simmons is, in short, a genius. Having attended the SHIELD Academy of Science and Technology, graduated at sixteen and with two PhDs, she is a biochemistry whiz. With Fitz, she is the star of the SciOps division of SHIELD. They are inseparable and at their best when they work together, thus they are often referred to as FitzSimmons. And it's Simmons who is eager to trade lab work to be in the field, convincing Fitz to come with because it's their chance to see the world. So after being recruited to Coulson's team, she proves herself adaptable to change, to the field work, as well as being quite capable of standing on her own two feet. She's smart as a tack, quick thinking, and resourceful. And she loves her job, it's clear that she is completely enamoured with science, and working to help the world.

I can’t be a part of your bad-girl shenanigans. I like following the rules and doing what’s expected of me. It makes me feel nice.

Despite being an Agent of SHIELD, she's a terrible liar and a rule-follower. And she's not good with improvisation when she's doing something she shouldn't, at all, outside of the lab. (In the lab, improvisation is her jam). Several times when she is put on the spot to lie, she fails, and badly. However, she tried to make up for this flaw by preparing an elaborate backstory for an undercover mission. And while it was a bit over the top, it was slightly effective.

Jemma has proven that she isn't afraid to use some force to carry out a plan, although it isn't a deadly force. She's not a physical fighter, her brain is her weapon. She along with Fitz, developed a non-violent means of taking down their foes with the Night-Night gun (and other variations of it), which renders those shot with it unconscious. And she uses this gun at one point to get herself out of a jam with a superior officer (and she actually gets a tiny thrill from being bad).

Still, she despite her lack of super agent skills, she makes up for it with bravery and determination. She repeatedly puts herself before the team, to save them: once by jumping out of the Bus when she's infected with a Chitauri virus that is deadly. And then again when she throws herself at an enemy agent trying to shoot her team.

While she can be strong, she is probably the most sensitive team member. When Skye is shot, she manages to hold it together as she takes care of her friend but when she's alone, she breaks down. And there are a few more times that she sheds tears.

As time passes, she does tend to test the boundaries of rule breaking, thanks to her loyalty and the influence of being in the field with a few rule-breakers (Skye). The drug that saves Skye's life is as mysterious as it is remarkable but Coulson continuously denies Jemma's requests to take the samples of Skye's blood (after being injected and saved by the drug) to a SHIELD facility for testing, which only leads her to lose her temper, eventually, and question Coulson to his face and behind his back before secretly taking the sample with her when she is called to the Hub. It's while she's there that SHIELD falls to HYDRA and her loyalty is tested, but she proves her loyalty, refuses to betray SHIELD, despite the flaws of the power structures she works for.

However, her loyalty only goes so far. When it's discovered that Ward is HYDRA, Simmons is quick to reject him, skeptical of any suggestion that he might be able to change or that there is some other explanation for his betrayal, despite Fitz's desperation for such. But she's not completely unforgiving of betrayal, when Skye goes a bit rogue, Simmons is the only one to support her, to believe her, and to help her.

She has no powers canonly but I'd like her to have biological manipulation as a power.



Well, hullo. It's me, again, .... Dr. Jemma Simmons. And I wanted to let you all know that tonight, there will be a lunar eclipse visible. [ it's exciting, isn't? be excited. jemma is.] While I cannot profess to be an expert on astronomy (after all biochemistry my speciality), I do know a fair bit. [ cue an awkward but excitable laugh. her expression is adorably smug and confident, her hands clasped in front of her.] And it’s not often that you can see a total lunar eclipse, in fact, tonight's moon will be a blood moon. [ pause for an effect. or perhaps awkwardness. whichever, there's a pause for it.]

What is a blood moon you may ask? Well, I will tell you then! [ you probably weren't asking but simmons is going to explain it to you anyways. all the while looking like a kid on christmas day, rocking back and forth on the balls of her feel.] A blood moon happens when the moon is in Earth’s shadow completely. It's then that the moon reflects the colors of all the sunsets and sunrises. It’s quite fascinating. And as beautiful as it is rare. So I encourage all of you to check it out if you wish.

Here, here, and here are test drive meme threads. also a tfln that leads to prose tags.
FINAL NOTES: reapping her into the game!
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